He came up all inside me,
All stoking and stroking,
reactivating the connection
Of womanness to mother earth.
the cord

to the molten core of earth
e x p a n d e d
Heart blossoms burst forth —
infusing the ordinary earth
with an extraordinary heady fragrance —
Intoxicated by that fragrance
so connected to the
molten core of mother earth.

I am all the undulations,
all the beauty birds of winged flight:
every brilliant star of heaven,
every blade of grass,
every ray of sunshine,
perpetually pregnant with creation.

Coming up all inside me.
Pouring in and out of all creation —
Destined to pour in and out of all creation —
Folding melting round and round each other
To the core
E   x  p  a  n  d  I  n  g.



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